Are you actually want to learn public speaking ?

Public speakingfor example My name is Navi shastri. I belong to hospitality industry. Sir, my question is.. As in the hospitality industry, they need good leadership, and time management and confidence. And I think I am good in all these things, but sometimes I lack in communication skills. So, how can I improve my communication skills? Great! Navi, Right? From hospitality industry?

Thank you! Sit down, please. I'm sure that a lot of other students will also having concerns about improving their communication skills. 2 or 3 things! See, hospitality is a service industry, so communication becomes very very important! Because you can solve guest issues, you can have so many issues which can be solved just by good communication. By proactive communication. So, I'm sure, students from engineering, business management or regardless of whatever field you are from. Or some of you might want to become politicians tomorrow. And then this is a very important skill. In fact, many studies…

How to start a blog for free | Make money by Blogging in 2020

Blogging guide for beginnersHi, I am Nitesh Kumar , I am working in blogging field from a long time .I not only earns but also learns from this field.In upcoming paragraphs , I'm going to share my thoughts on "how to start a successful blog that's actually make money"

START A SUCESSFULL BLOG IN 9 VERY EASY STEPS. #1. Set your MINDSET for blogging#2. Choose a perfect niche#3. Pick an blogging platform#4. Appoint a domain name#5. Choose an web hosting#6. Research on your related keywords#7. Write & publish blog post#8. Promote your Blog posts#9. Make money

Let's we should talk in discrimination on each steps..
As we know that Mindset is one of the most powerful things that's each creature has. If you are doing something then can you do it or not? ; It's 50% depends on your mindset. Just an example.. For example , we took an example from our normal life; As you noticed anywhere that a student that was studying 12-14 hour…